How They Are Made

Offering environmentally friendly, innovative materials and new lifestyle values, from Japan to the world.

Connecting our wishes to the children of the world

We aim to nurture gratitude, creativity and parent-child ties through food. Values that connect the world’s precious natural resources to children. For environmentally conscious customer.







4 Commitments of Reale


We use only carefully selected materials that are gentle to the environment and human body.


The sophisticated design nurtures the senses of children, brightens the everyday, and lets children naturally acquire table manners. Perfect for gifts too!


You'll be amazed by the lightness, durability, and heat resistance that our products have.


Behind every product are skilled artisans who tirelessly refine and make improvements day by day.

How Our Products Are Made


More than half of the plastic we use is made from natural materials that are recyclable and eco-friendly.

Natural materials we use: Japanese bamboo, Japanese cypress, other cellulose, corn, sugar cane, and other starch form the plant-derived raw materials

From Japanese bamboo forest to Japanese factory

The bamboo we use for our products is grown in Japan. We also take cypress sawdust from a woodworking shop. Those materials go to another factory in Japan.

Making the sawdust into powder

Powder the materials at a factory and then they're moved to a pellet factory.

Mixing the materials

Powdered wood flour, vegetable resins, and other naturally derived additives and coloring agents are kneaded into pellets that resemble grains of rice.

Shaping in a mold

Mold into our dish ware and our products are ready!

We are always striving to improve and make our products even more eco-friendly. Stay tuned!