About Us

We believe that good kids’ tableware makes more and more smiles and love at your family table everyday.


Reale was started in 2016 in Japan by our CEO, a father of 2 kids, with his own parenthood experiences and dreams in mind.

After experiencing parenthood, our co-founder Hiroaki Sagara had been questioning typical parenting styles in Japan, where a lot of men were still not involved. From there, he started his journey to create a new kind of tableware specifically for kids.

He and co-founder Shuhei Tominaga launched sustainable kids’ tableware brand “Reale” in 2016 in Japan and Taiwan. With physical stores in Japan and New York, Reale’s products are currently available online worldwide.

Caring about natural environment is caring about your children.


Reale's mission is to create high-quality products that benefit both our customers and the earth's natural environment.

Our products are made from plant-derived BIO-Based raw materials such as recyclable cellulose from Japanese bamboo and cypress, and starch from corn and sugarcane.

Our products are manufactured with the highest safety precautions, meeting the safety standards for all food contact packaging materials, and do not contain any harmful chemicals or BPA. Manufactured in Japan using the highest quality, carefully selected ingredients.

Low marine pollution and other impacts on nature
Naturally derived from plants, etc.
Reduces CO2 in the same way as paper resources

The material differs from ordinary plastics in the above respects.

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Made-in-Japan quality, eco-friendly, safe, durable, and yet, sophisticated design.


Reale was created by parents, for parents.

Three designers with kids created our products from a parent's perspective. Their vision was to bring families together around an eco-friendly, beautiful table. Our products are easy to use both for parents and kids, and made with love and kindness.

Roman-born Shuhei Tominaga is the main designer. As a father of a son, he knows the challenges that parents face.

Hideki Tanaka and his wife, Fernanda Brandao, design from a parents' point of view. They wanted to create products with their daughters and the Earth in mind. In 2017, they won the Good Design Award for their bamboo baby dishes.

We want to see a future for your family that is shining and filled with love. Our story goes on...

― Hiroaki Sagara, CEO of Sagara Inc.